Printing Press Operator

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Basic Position Objective Statement:

Set up and operate printing press in a safe manner to produce quality product with minimum waste that meets the customer’s specifications and needs.

Safety Philosophy:

Little Rapids Corporation will manufacture products in a manner that respects the safety and health of our associates, the environment, and the communities in which we operate.  We believe that every Associate plays critical role in creating a safe work environment by exhibiting personal safe behaviors.  To be successful as a company, we will have exemplary safety performance.

Principal Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

·         Provide direction and guidance to the press technician assistant/press assistant to ensure overall safety, quality and production.

·         Ensure press is running at full capacity, while looking to improve efficiencies, and producing quality product that meets our customer demands.

·         Support and participate in continuous improvement efforts to include Kaizen, 5S, TPM and other continuous improvement efforts, as required of this position.  This includes activities to this specific position/department, as well as company-wide initiatives in other areas of the organization.

·         Operate printing presses safely and identify unsafe work behaviors, areas, and methods. 

·         Complete and maintain production records both manually and with computer systems to maintain inventory control. 

·         Manufacture quality finished product that meets specifications and meets/exceeds established production standards. 

·         Participate in all functions associated with the operation of converting equipment

·         Perform required set-ups and changeovers as required. 

a.        Determine print job specifications using Press Side Data System

b.       Set press up to run job

c.        Select proper Anilox rolls, printing stock and print sleeves (place on print cylinders)

d.       Thread material into press

e.        Adjust slitter knives

f.        Prepare ink for upcoming work order to match print deck location and ink up press

g.       Run make ready roll

h.       Check quality specifications

i.         Print

j.         Conduct quality checks and record in system

k.       Pull sample rolls and archive

l.         Properly labeled and tag finished and/or RTS rolls

m.     Collect retain samples

n.       Package rolls according to customer specifications

o.       Have product taken to warehouse

·         Perform machine clean-ups as required.  Maintain a clean, organized, “set in order”, and “shine” environment in the work areas. 

·         Identify and react to production problems (shortage of raw materials, safety issues, inventory issues, out of spec raw materials, quality issues, etc.).

·         Troubleshoot machine problems and determine which problems need to escalate to maintenance and/or plant supervisor.

·         Attend and participate in meetings and training sessions as required (e.g. safety, quality, production, teams, informational, continuous improvement, and others as requested). 

·         All other assignments assigned by management. 

This is not an exhaustive list of duties or functions and may not necessarily comprise all of the “essential functions” for purposes of the ADA.

Knowledge, Education and Training Qualifications and Certifications

High school/G.E.D. required.

Key Functional Competencies

·         Previous press operator experience required.

·         Experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably in a flexographic packaging environment.

·         Experience in warehousing/shipping environments is helpful.

·         Experience in quality management systems (FDA, ISO, Lean Manufacturing, 6 Sigma, etc.)

·         Experience to use basic tools including wrenches, hammers, utility knives, screwdrivers, brooms, and measuring devices in rules and scales, etc., used in a manufacturing environment.

·         Forklift and clamp truck certification preferred.

Key Performance Competencies

·         Ability to perform basic computer operations such as email, data entry, navigation skills within system and desktop, etc.  Experience and ability to operate computer keyboard. (Press Side Data system)

·         Mathematical skills necessary to compute percentages, weights, and to measure and calculate the amount of ink and paper needed to do a job.

·         Ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.  (Such as machine operation instructions, safety instructions, etc.).

·         Must follow instructions for safety and proper job performance; safety apparatus required:  Ear plugs, safety shoes, safety glasses, hair nets, gloves (all types) and other protective equipment as dictated by job function.  Forklift and clamp truck certification. 

·         Willingness and flexibility to work a variety of shifts that involve all days of the week as needed.  This includes ability and willingness to work overtime on short notice as determined by the business. 

·         Understanding of inks, Amines, and PH additives.  Ink mixing and adjusting. 

·         Set up for cylinders and Anilox rolls.

·         Threading machine.

·         Ability to effectively communicate (oral and written communication skills).

·         Able to work independently and follow instructions

·         Able to work as an effective team member.

·         Able to work 12 hour shifts and overtime as needed.

Physical Requirements

NOTE:  Frequency and repetition of tasks listed below are based on a 12-hour shift.  However, overtime opportunities exist. 

·         Regular attendance is required to provide continuity and accomplishment of job responsibilities on a continual and timely basis. 

·         Operate forklift.  (Ability to get on and off the forklift numerous times per shift).

·         Operate a scissors lift to retrieve and replace sleeves in racking system.

·         Must be able to communicate verbally through regular conversation and shouting (in loud environments) and using hand signals (as needed).

·         Need manual dexterity and accurate eyesight.  Good color vision required for workers to find mistakes and locate potential problems. 

·         Must be able to walk and stand up to approximately 12 hours per shift. 

·         Ability to lift up to 70 pounds.  All lifting over 70 pounds requires two people to make the lift.

·         Exposure to noise levels exceeding 90dB.

·         Exposure to temperatures and paper dust.

·         Ability to climb ladders. 

EOE including disability/veteran